Ferret play time – Let’s have fun!

It is no secret that ferret’s love to have fun! They will dook, jump, pounce, war dance, run into, fall off, fall into things and anything else their little imaginations can come up with.

Ferret playtime

Ferrets playing

Ferrets will do anything to have a good time and they are always keen to get you to be a part of the fun too…after all, the more the merrier!

Ferret play time is a time of joy and happiness for all involved, so how do you contribute to playtime?

Ferret’s need to be mentally stimulated during play time

Ferrets are extremely intelligent creatures, which get bored easily… therefore they are not satisfied with just being outside of their cage. They need more!

If you observe them carefully you will find that their little minds are constantly thinking about what they can do next. You can just see them thinking about it…it is very amusing.

Don’t expect your ferret to be satisfied with the same playtime routine over and over again. They need to have their little brains stimulated and stretched with new and exciting things so that they can be happy! Try coming up with some homemade ferret toys.

Your involvement during ferret playtime

Most fuzzies will love you to join them during ferret playtime, they will often tease you, pounce on you or run from you hoping that you will chase them. Don’t just stand there…get involved!

Playing with your ferrets will:

  • Stimulate their minds because you will come up with some fun, creative games!
  • Strengthen your bond – they will wuv you vewy vewy much!
  • Gives you and your ferret some good exercise and boost’s both your endorphin levels (making you happy)!
  • Make you laugh! They honestly do the craziest things, it’s like they go out of their way to put a smile on your face…little clowns.

So make sure you spend the time to play with your ferrets! They deserve to have as much fun as possible and so do you!

I would love to find out how you entertain your ferret during playtime, what games do you play? Let me know in the comments section below .

Dook! Dook!

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  1. 1

    christine said,

    Me and my fuzzies have fun all the time. I have several different things I use as playtime fun for them. Boxes, the clothes hamper, loL they love to climb in and burrow in the clothes and look out thru the mesh, its really quite amusing. They love it when I toss them thru the air to land safe on the bed and run back for more.and if I have the nerve to ignore them… They climb on me and basically say pay attention. For instance if I read a book while its play time they will actually climb up my front and walk up and push the book out of my hands. And on the rare occasion I have tried to was a movies on a mini dvd player, lol they have climbed up and walked right onto it and pushed it over as if to say ” how dare you watch anything but me”. LoL I love my babies, they always manage to put a smile on my face even when I don’t feel like smiling.

    • 2

      Ferret-World said,

      Hi Christine,

      I know exactly what you mean by them putting a smile on your face even if you do not feel like smiling – they are the best cure for a grumpy or sad mood!
      And yes they certainly are little attention hogs, the cheeky little buggers, sounds like you guys have a lot of fun and your little fuzzbutts are spoilt rotten. haha 😉
      Thank you so much for sharing your playtime stories! It is always nice to hear from a fellow ferret parent 🙂


  2. 3

    […] Play with ferrets for a few hours each day to grow a loving and trusting bond between you. […]

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