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Loosing a ferret friend – it never gets any easier…

Ferret looking into the sun

Dook In Peace

When you loose a ferret it crushes you! You can’t believe that they are gone never to come back. It is amazing what an effect a small animal can have on a human…

A ferret’s personality is electrifying and you get infected with their joy and happiness. In a way, when they pass it is like they take that magic power with them and you feel empty. You have lost a great companion and cherished friend.

How do you get over your loss?

It is always important to remember all the love, joy and happiness your ferret brought you. Think about all the great times both of you had together and cherish those memories.

Another great thing to do is to ask yourself the question…Would your ferret want you to be crying and sad for too long? Probably not. The chances are they would have much rather seen you be happy, just as they always were.

Also, know that you probably gave your ferret a great life and they would have been really happy to spend their time with you…I’m sure you spoilt him/her rotten! No matter what circumstances they passed away under I am sure you did the best you could with the little fuzzy throughout their life. So don’t feel guilty (although I know this can be hard at first).

There is always a positive side to a negative experience

I know it’s hard to think of any positives, especially after such a big feeling of loss. However, if you choose to think of the flip side you may actually see a few positives from this experience too.

  • One less ferret to take care off – as horrible as this might seem, sometimes it is nice to have a bit of a break from cleaning poop and changing their bedding (this is more for people with one ferret).
  • Your bond will grow stronger with your other fuzzies – if you have more ferrets, you will find that the love you had for the ferret that passed away has to go somewhere and your other ferrets will be the ones to benefit from it.
  • Different ferret dynamic – sometimes you will find that the dynamic might change and that one of your ferrets that was more distant from you might become closer to you.
  • Maybe another ferret needs your help more – your ferret had a great life but perhaps he died for a reason…perhaps there is another ferret out there that will need your tender loving care more?
  • Your bond with your family/ partner may become stronger – lets face it…ferrets do need a lot of time and attention. Perhaps now you will spend more time with your human family and strengthen your bond.
  • Your keys won’t go missing – you will never be late to work again! Oh wait…maybe that’s not necessarily such a good thing…

As hard as it may be, always try to see both perspectives and both sides to an experience (both negative and positive) as this will help level out your emotions and let you move on without excess heartache. It is never easy though, in time you will look back on your time together, smile and be grateful for the opportunity you had to have that wonderful little fuzzbutt in your life.

If you would like to do something special for your little friend then you can always build them a memorial page on the Dook In Peace (D.I.P) page on the Ferret-World website. It is a nice way to say goodbye and share their story with other fuzzy owner who may be going through the same thing.

If you have recently lost a ferret and have any suggestions on how to make yourself feel better under these circumstances or have anything else to add to this blog then feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks.

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