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Are ferrets dangerous pets? Boy loses 7 fingers to a pet ferret.

Are ferrets dangerous pets?

Are ferrets dangerous pets?

Ferret owners everywhere are cringing. Ferrets reputation worsens yet again with the tragic story of an infant who lost 7 of his fingers, bitten off by the family pet.

This is a hard blow to both ferrets and ferret owners everywhere who are trying to convince others of the kind and (mostly) innocent nature of their beloved companions.

This is a tragic story from both the ferret’s and infant’s perspective and most would agree that the parents are responsible.

The parents say that they slept through the ordeal and finally woke up to the infants screams…when the ferret was chomping on the 7th finger. Really? I mean…really? Let me get this straight…so the parents are that sound asleep that:

  1. They don’t even realize that the little carpet shark is out of its cage? (Was the ferret even caged, like it should have been, particularly when there is an infant in the house)
  2. They sleep through the infants cries (from what I know about babies…they tend to cry pretty easily, they don’t normally hold back either. Also, from what I know they don’t have a very high pain tolerance! Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in the comments below)

Now, everyone on the planet knows that ferrets have a pretty bad reputation already mainly for nipping and biting (if not properly handled!) and…everyone on the planet knows that they are not easy pets to keep or train…sooooo…..why the hell did these people get a ferret in the first place? And why was it not in a cage?

There are cases where people take in animals if they are found on the street or if someone gives one to them and they feel obliged to keep it. If this was the case then it is very unfortunate. However, is it not pretty stupid to not do at least a little bit of research on an animal you have taken into your care beforehand or while it is in your house playing around your child?

What kind of a parent are you to let an animal,you really do not know much about, be in the house with your baby (and apparently running around freely?)

Another question that has to be raised here is why was the ferret munching on a human being? Yes, ferrets can bite (if scared or feeling threatened they can bite very viciously too) but I have never, EVER heard of a ferret actually eating a human?! This is not normal ferret behavior at all!

Was this ferret starved? Did it not have any other option? What possessed it to eat a baby?

It is a shame the father killed it straight away before anyone could examine the ferret and do a behavior test on it to find out if it actually was aggressive or not. I guess this is something that we will never find out, but hopefully they will dissect the animal to find out whether it was the culprit or not…

In an article written by BethAnn Mayberry from the Examiner (please read the article, it is very interesting) she interviews Dr. Bruce Williams, DVM who enlightens us with some interesting facts:

  • “Statistics on ferrets show that a ferret is about a thousand times *less* likely to cause injury than a dog. Indeed, every year there are hundreds of very serious or fatal dog attacks in the US alone. “
  • “Worst case statistics show approximately 12 ferret attacks ever recorded in the US.”

So dogs and cats are more dangerous then ferrets? Yep.

Ferret bite

Bad ferret bite (this is normally as bad as it can get, this is even fairly rare)

This is such a tragic story, however more investigation needs to be done into the parenting (or lack of) to explain why this happened in the first place. A child and an animal are clearly the responsibility of parents. If the parents decided to bring an animal into the household they just simply should have known better (eg. do more research, make sure the baby was at all times safe, supervise the ferret while out, feeding it, actually keeping it in a cage it would not be able to get out of etc.).

Hopefully people will only see this as a once off freak event which was possibly caused through neglect of the parents, rather then just blaming the poor ferret (D.I.P little fellow) and using it as a stereotype for all ferrets and their owners.

Ferrets when properly handled make great pets and ferret owners tend to be  educated, responsible and well informed people.

Please let us know what you think about this situation in the comments section below.

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